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Been waiting to announce it for a while and now the cat's out of the bag. I'm going to be opening for three absolutely legendary guitarists on March 10 here in Seattle, Takoma Records alumni Peter Lang, Rick Ruskin, and Toulouse Engelhardt!

A phenomenal crew of John Fahey's labelmates, these cats are hitting the road together in the spring and I am very fortunate and beyond excited to share the stage with them. Stay tuned for ticket info soon!

Things have been quiet around here. Took a break from working on the record and gigs to get married and chill out for a little. Back in the studio this week finishing it up...can't wait to share it. I'm playing a great gig with my friend Aaron Semer for his record release at Conor Byrne on 12/10. I played some guitar and harmonica on Aaron's record last spring and I'm very excited to see it getting a proper release soon. Also on the bill will be the good gentlemen of Coyote.

Been a busy few months. Lots of really great gigs and plenty of time put in working on the new record. Nine extraordinary musicians have thrown in their time and playing so far and I'm very stoked to have it done.

I'll be playing a few tunes August 19th at the Royal Room as part of a country guitar night with some of the best pickers in town.

I'll have a really killer gig announcement to make in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Some more kind words courtesy of American Standard Time
"Michael Wohl plays acoustic guitar like he’s giving a blues clinic . . . in 1930. He came up playing loud rock n roll but he came to our attention with his blues. His style is primitive, but not pedagogical, folky, but not interpretive. Behold, he’s a force." - Sean Jewell

The Stranger recommends Saturday night's benefit show at LoFi for those affected by the Nepal earthquakes. Please come out and support if you can. Proceeds to mycare.org

"Seattle’s Michael Wohl picks a mean guitar in the fluidly tangled manner of folk-blues immortals Leo Kottke and John Fahey. No matter how many versions of this style come down the pike, it never fails to transport one to a much more idyllic headspace." Dave Segal

A weekend of lots of music is coming up...
-Saturday 5/23 at LoFi Seattle (Benefit for those affected by multiple Nepal earthquakes)
-Monday 5/25 at Northwest Folklife Festival. 3pm on the Back Porch Stage.

"Seattle guitarist Michael Wohl's been traversing a mysterious path for a while now, sending out cassette tapes or vinyl 45s of his dark blues music. He's a fan of the American primitive guitar school and of open tunings for sure, but there's a bit of Cascadian noir behind his music that takes him out of the realm of your usual country blues guitarist or John Fahey obsessive. Wohl's got a curious mind and a roving eye when it comes to guitar work...the kind of artist that's always out following his ear to new musical inspirations and his albums are a kind of blend of a lot of different guitar roots into one vision of Cascadian hardwood tone." - Devon Leger, Hearth Music

Thanks to Hearth Music for including me in their Kithfolk Guide to Folklife's "Ten Artists You Need to Know"

Lots of upcoming gigs including a last minute addition 4/09
-4/09 LoFi Seattle with JOY (San Diego hard psych-blues)
-4/11 Cafe Racer with Lonesome Shack
-5/02 Substation
-5/23 LoFi Seattle, a benefit for those affected by the Nepal earthquake
-5/25 Northwest Folklife Festival (Back Porch stage, Seattle Center)
-6/09 Hattie's Hat Backroom with Aaron Semer

Gonna be playing June 9th at Hattie's Backroom with Aaron Semer. I contributed some guitars to Aaron's new record which was recorded with Colin Nelson recently, very stoked to hear this one when it's done.

Excited to announce that I'll be playing at the 2015 Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle. I'm playing on May 25th at 3pm at the Back Porch stage. 44 years running and still going strong!

I was interviewed by North Country Primitive out of Manchester UK recently for their segment "North Country Primer" investigating and exploring as they call it, "fingerstyle, American primitive, raga guitar and outsider folk". Some questions about influences, inspirations, what I've been up to lately and what I'm planning next. And some obligatory turkey talk about guitars.

Full text of the interview is here

Here's a video of a new song from the Blue Moon on 2/21. This little strum hummer will be on my next record. Thanks Will Morgan for the video.

Very jazzed about two upcoming gigs. 3/19 at Turn Turn Turn! in Portland, OR and 4/11 at Cafe Racer in Seattle with boogie blues bad dudes Lonesome Shack

A few local gigs coming up. Next one is at the Blue Moon on Feb 21st. With Lonebird and Luke Brown.

Been little since I've played in Seattle...come to the Mix in Georgetown this Sunday. Playing with my friends Colin J. Nelson and Aaron Semer. Music starts at 6 and it's a FREE SHOW!

6006 12th Avenue South in Seattle, WA

Been quietly chipping away at a new LP for a while...stay tuned, maybe I'll post some samples.

First gig of 2015 is line up for 1/25 at the Mix with Colin J Nelson and Aaron Semer.

Gonna be playing some tunes at Revolver Bar on Capitol hill on Saturday 10/25. It's a listening party for the new album by my buds GravelRoad and let me tell you it's a reaaaal humm-dinger so come check it out

I've got CDs of solo guitar tunes in stock now. Nine songs featuring material from the sold out & out of print "Eight Pieces for Solo Guitar" cassette as well as the "Moonfeeder" / "Song of Impermanence" 7". Also features a previously unreleased version of "No Ticket Blues"

All remastered by Chris Hanszek.

Offset printed with beautiful art by Adam Burke / Nightjar Illustration on recycled chipboard sleeves. One time limited edition of 300. Each one is stamped and numbered.

$10 plus shipping

Back from tour now at home in Seattle after two of the most excellent weeks on the road ever. Thanks to all those who helped with shows, jammed out, partied down, provided a floor or couch and to old & new buds alike. 3400 miles went by pretty fast...see you guys all soon

On the road in Oregon right now but you can buy one of these sweet Nite King t-shirts on my Bandcamp anytime. Sizes S-XL $15 shipped USA.

West Coast tour starts a week from tomorrow. I return on 9/15 and will be back in Seattle. I'll be back to teaching guitar lessons so if you or someone you know is interested you can get a hold of me and we can discuss rates and scheduling.

A few weeks ago I sat down and talked with Bart Cameron for a piece that's featured on American Standard Time. Check out the conversation here.

Thanks Bart, Greg, and AST

also check out this interview I did with my friend Mark Nelsen for his podcast, Checking In

I played a short set on Plastic Jet Airline's live streaming show over the weekend. Check it out here if you missed it.

Michael Wohl - West Coast Fall Tour 2014
9/03 WEED, CA - Weed Alehouse
9/04 SAN FRANCISCO, CA - DIY spot...email for details
9/05 LOS ANGELES, CA - Lot 1 Cafe
9/09 EUREKA, CA - Siren's Song Tavern
9/10 CORVALLIS, OR - Les Caves Bier
9/11 PORTLAND, OR - Turn Turn Turn
9/13 SEATTLE, WA - Cafe Racer
9/14 VANCOUVER, BC - Jackalope's Neighbourhood Dive

can't wait to hit the road and see all you beautiful people of the West...tell your friends and come say hello

Some new gigs added. Pretty stoked to be playing Columbia City Blues Fest. It's presented by KEXP and American Standard Time at the Columbia City Theather on August 16. Also gonna be playing Smoke Farm's Burning Beast fundraiser up in Arlington on July 20 this year. Gonna play some cosmik blues and light a big wooden goat on fire


"Song of Impermanence" video from the 7" release at Cafe Racer, Seattle WA / thanks Alex Hagenah for the video

Pick up this week's issue of Seattle Weekly and check out my conversation with Dave Cantor about guitars, Fahey, Basho, and the roots & tendrils of guitar exploration

"His latest release, a two-song 7-inch on Knick Knack Records, is a glimpse into his eccentric solo style. A-side “Moonfeeder” opens with a mid-tempo stutter before moving into its bucolic statement, as Wohl adds rhythmic variations and blues references. It’s still a tincture comprising ideas Fahey began exploring about 50 years ago, but Wohl’s interests are clearly broader, as he’s keenly aware of what happened to the style’s progenitors and wants to avoid a similar fate.

Even in a two-song release, he’s able to imprint his personality on such a stubborn genre; this indicates not just skill, but that American Primitivism, even with its limitations, can and will persist in some form. It’s just up to Wohl and this new cadre of players to figure out where to take it."
- Dave Cantor, Seattle Weekly

full article here

Get your copy of Moonfeeder / Song of Impermanence at Knick Knack Records

New writeup of the 7" on Tiny Mix Tapes today...

(It's)...“Song of Impermanence,” where Wohl begins to expand his Takoma influenced tendrils back into the history of his home base of Seattle. There’s a bit of psychedelia on display as the song progresses from its ancestral roots. As Wohl begins to get lost in the cat’s cradle melody, it begins to free his fingers and expand the sound. It’s subtle but you’ll pick it up after a few listens – and you will listen repeatedly." - Justin Spicer

read the full review here

I released four songs from a live set on Hollow Earth Radio recently. You can download for free (or pay if you like)

Playing this Sunday (6/22) at the Mix in Georgetown too

Some new gigs added. Sign up for my email list to stay current on gigs & other news.

Thanks to WFMU for the airplay last week!

Here's a new writeup of "Moonfeeder" / "Song of Impermanence" 7":

"“Moonfeeder” is the shorter and more melancholic of the two, but even so, it retains some movement and an underlying sweetness of melody and rhythm, though while it starts out minimal and somewhat ominous, the bulk of the bounce arrives somewhere around the middle of “Song of Impermanence,” which begs for a soft blues delivery, sans feigned twang but given to storytelling.

...a quick, picturesque release that does little to convey the stereotyped grit or rain-soaked depressiveness of Wohl‘s Seattle base of operation, but maybe escapism is part of the appeal in creating a work like this. If I have one regret as regards the single, it’s that there isn’t more to get lost in."

-HP Taskmaster, The Obelisk (full review)

buy at Knick Knack Records

Four song collection of tunes I performed live on Hollow Earth Radio a few weeks ago

Moonfeeder / Song of Impermanence 7" is now available worldwide from Knick Knack Records! Really stoked to have this one out there, it's been a long time coming and a lot went into it. The record release is this Saturday, 4/26 at Cafe Racer.

Get yours here

Have a few gigs coming up, most notably the record release for the Moonfeeder / Song of Impermanence 7". The gig is April 26 at Cafe Racer in Seattle and the record is officially out on April 22. The record release show also features some good friends and is FREE.

Eight Pieces for Solo Guitar cassettes are SOLD OUT. Thanks everybody. I have a handful that I will sell at my gigs in March & April but that's it. You can buy the album digitally on Bandcamp.

"Moonfeeder" / "Song of Impermanence" has an official release date...April 22nd with a record release show April 26 at Cafe Racer.

"The Seattle musician eschews the city’s current penchant for pop folk and synthesized experiments in favor of some traditional plucking, sliding, and strumming...Eight Pieces keeps it bare so you can hear the skill and jubilation of playing guitar rather than the heady study of the art form." - J Spicer, Tiny Mix Tapes Cerberus

I have some gigs coming up that, including a performance in tribute to Harry Smith and his life's work. The performance is a part of Hollow Earth Radio's Magma Fest 2014. Very humbled to be a part of this one...it will be a one of a kind night. Here is the link for tickets, there is limited capacity so please buy yours early.

Check out what's going on in the coming months.

Eight Pieces for Solo Guitar cassettes are almost sold out. Hanging on to the last few I have for upcoming gigs. There are just a few left for mailorder...get it while you can.

"Wohl explores various tunings and moods, with nods to blues, zen guitar techniques and folk styles, all performed with an economic grace." - The Modern Folk Music of America

Jamming out on Sam McGee's old country blues waltz, "Knoxville Blues"

Check out Sideways Through Sound, hosted by Mark, Thee Sonic Assassin on 2SER FM radio out of Sydney AU. They've given some airplay to a bunch of my songs and the show features a lot of great artists.

For gigs & news sign up for my mailing list at the bottom of this page. This is a much more effective way for you to hear directly about doin's and transpirin's than facebook/twitter/etc

Just got word from the pressing plant that Moonfeeder / Song of Impermanence is finished and ready to ship to Seattle. Pre-order at Knick Knack Records

Eight Pieces for Solo Guitar made Drug Punk's Best of 2013. Thanks & happy New Year everybody.

Eight Pieces for Solo Guitar is The Obelisk Radio's Add of the Week, accompanied by an in-depth review.

"It should probably go without saying that Michael Wohl‘s Eight Pieces for Solo Guitar has an intimate vibe. (Wohl) manages to explore a range of emotional expressions within the decidedly minimal atmosphere...

...fortunately there’s very little of the cloying-at-authenticity in what Wohl does that one often finds in neo-Americana folk. And it’s not simple by any means."
- HP Taskmaster, The Obelisk

The full review can be read here

One take of a medley I've been working on lately. Guest appearance courtesy of Elwood the cat.

A review from Noise in the Zen Arcade has some kind words for Eight Pieces for Solo Guitar. A favorable comparison to Skip James, Mississippi John Hurt, Blind Lemon Jefferson, and John Fahey? Humbled to say the least.

"Growing up, I heard quite a bit of folk and blues from the latter half of the 20th century, but once in a while my dad would put on something closer to this, and I always found it mesmerizing. The pure moods distilled into self-accompanied chord melodies have a transportive quality. There's a fear in me that despite the all-encompassing archival nature of the internet, music like this is at risk of being lost. So I'm glad Wohl is out there, still making it heard. Maybe it'll move some of you to pick up a guitar and learn to play like John Hurt."

Read the full review here.

Check out this in-depth review of Eight Pieces for Solo Guitar courtesy of Drug Punk
"There's music for every mood, for every time of day, on here, and Wohl's always been good at writing songs to the tune of Old Man Time, that is to say, the witching hour when shit's weird, there ain't many people around, and you can only focus on one or two things,"

"Wohl's plucking style has forced even me to consider that there may in fact be rays of sunshine poking through the incipient autumnal gloom. Even more impressively, he conveys this plucky mood without words: the best instrumentalists say more without speaking than most singers can get across their whole career."

Still have some cassettes left, you can buy one here

-Test pressings for Moonfeeder / Song of Impermanence have been approved.

Drug Punk describes the Moonfeeder / Song of Impermanence 7" as:
"...a bit of lonesome midnight solitude...the song soars off into ethereal heights, closing on a note of perfect, spacy elegance...The musos among my readers will enjoy this two-song EP for the masterful guitarwork. The rest of us can get into it for the mood."

-A limited run of cassettes of Eight Pieces for Solo Guitar are available. Cassette includes liner notes and a download code for a digital copy of the album.

thoughtful words on "Lonesome No More" from Eight Pieces for Solo Guitar:
"...a meditative solo acoustic instrumental...“Lonesome No More” transitions from slowly strummed, partially arpeggiated chords to a more intricate, reverb-drenched figure to folk and country picking and back again. It’s a studied, hypnotic performance that never falls prey to guitar heroics or loss of momentum – even after the 4 minute mark...wholly satisfying in its straightforwardness."
-Jon Rooney