"It’s a record that tips its hat to hill country blues and dixie rags, but that could only be made in the Northwest. Its elements, like our climate, seep under your skin, its weather clouds your head. It’s a deceptively experimental record, jumping from blues, to primitive guitar, to cosmic country at will."

-Sean Jewell, American Standard Time

"Basks in a warm and organic creative spirit...Wohl himself remains at the core of Windblown Blues and is responsible for guiding it down its deceptively varied path...this is genuine Americana." 

-JJ Koczan, The Obelisk

"Wohl explores various tunings and moods, with nods to blues, zen guitar techniques and folk styles, all performed with an economic grace. (He) visits spots up and down a range of styles with a consistent commitment to musicianship and folk traditions. recommended."

- J Moss, Modern Folk Music of America

"Even in a two-song release, he’s able to imprint his personality on such a stubborn genre...It’s just up to Wohl and this new cadre of players to figure out where to take it." 

- Dave Cantor, Seattle Weekly

"Seattle guitarist Michael Wohl's been traversing a mysterious path...[there's] a bit of Cascadian noir behind his music. Wohl's got a curious mind and a roving eye when it comes to guitar work...the kind of artist that's always out following his ear to new musical inspirations and his albums are a kind of blend of a lot of different guitar roots into one vision of Cascadian hardwood tone." 

- Devon Leger, Kithfolk Magazine

"Seattle’s Michael Wohl picks a mean guitar...it never fails to transport one to a much more idyllic headspace." 

- Dave Segal, The Stranger

"The Seattle musician eschews the city’s current penchant for pop folk and synthesized experiments...you can hear the skill and jubilation of playing guitar rather than the heady study of the art form." 

- Justin Spicer, Tiny Mix Tapes

Equally at home with screaming electric guitars as with delicate fingerpicked folk melodies, Michael Wohl seamlessly integrates free-roaming influences into his musical vision. An open ear on his many travels has provided a sonic palette that is somehow as concise as it is open-range, melting influences and landscapes into an eccentric and at times mysterious solo style.

Wohl is a musician with one ear to the ground and another to the voice within, ever-transported down twisting roads by his instincts, interests, and experience. Bending genres is no strange thing to him -- it in their synthesis in which his music comes alive. His first proper full-length offering, Windblown Blues, was released in early 2017. Following years of gigs, home recordings, and DIY releases, the new record has been supported with dates in the Midwest, Pacific Northwest, and some kind words from the independent music community. 

Always learning, shifting, and exploring (though difficult to peg) the music is anchored by touchstones of folk, country, rock and blues. Wohl does not look back as a re-enactor of bygone eras, but inward, towards wherever the music takes him. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

photo credit: Sam Lewis